Warrior Ritual G4 Jr. Goalie Glove

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Brand new for 2018, Warrior Sports has unveiled their fourth iteration of the Ritual line dating all the way back to the Ritual G1 which debuted in 2012. Building off of the massive success of the G3, the G4 is built to bring ultimate performance, function and durability all while being the lightest gear on the market.

Starting with the visual look, the G4 Junior has a new size which provides more blocking surface for the younger goalie all while catering to the goalie to be able to grab the glove and control the closure. Internally, the G4 glove is stock with specific foams all throughout the glove to provide ample palm protection for the younger goalie while still keeping the snappy shut and feel that goalies loved in the G3. Now, the T itself has been trimmed down ever so slightly along the perimeter and now comes stock with a clean skate lace pocket. When adding a skate lace pocket in to the glove, it creates a softer catch to help retain pucks in the pocket.

Moving through to the backhand of the glove, Warrior has revamped the backhand design to provide a specific design for the younger goalie. This allows the goalie more adjustments internally and along the outside closure as well. However, when you open the glove you will notice a cleaner look with more adjustments across the back of the hand, fingers and a special wrist strap to help keep the hand inside the glove. The G4 Junior glove will come with a fixed palm which will allow the goalie to keep their glove snug on the hand.

If you are a young goalie who is looking for the lightest glove on the market, coupled with a game ready feel and specific designs for their age, the Warrior Ritual G4 Junior is the glove for you.

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